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Notices served

Notice 314020748 served against ONE NATURE HOMES LTD on 01/02/2024
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description COIN Number - 314019726 Serial Number - PN/31/1/24/2 Work from the scaffolding except for remedial work carried out safely to comply with this notice. The scaffold is not a safe place to work, persons are liable to fall a distance liable to cause personal injury, and persons are liable to be struck by falling materials. The scaffold have uncomplete platforms with missing boards and are missing toe boards in places. COIN Number - 314019844 Serial Number - PN/31/1/24/3 Work within the attenuation tank excavation and the movement of persons/plant/vehicles near the edge. Persons working in the excavation are at risk of being struck, buried, or trapped by any fall or dislodgement of any material and persons/plant/vehicles are at risk of falling into the excavation. COIN Number - 314020719 Serial Number - PN/31/1/24/1 Work from scaffolding and on the first floor, except for remedial work, carried out safely, to comply with this notice.The scaffolding is not a safe place to work, persons are liable to fall a distance liable to cause personal injury, it is liable to collapse, and persons are liable to be struck by falling materials. Persons are liable to fall from the first-floor landing. COIN Number - 314020748 Serial Number - I/PN/01/02/2024/1 You have failed to ensure suitable arrangements for planning, managing and monitoring health and safety during the construction work as shown, for example, by lack of risk assessments and method statements for the range of construction tasks being undertaken, and risks seen at the site including: falls from height; excavations; workplace transport; poor housekeeping; COIN Number - 314020810 Serial Number - I/PN/01/02/2024/2 You have not organised your construction site in such a way that, so far as is reasonably practicable, pedestrians and vehicles can move without risks to health or safety, as you have not planned, managed and monitored the movement of traffic on site and there is no segregation between plant and pedestrians COIN Number - 314020831 Serial Number - I/PN/01/02/2024/3 The construction site is not being kept in good order, there is not sufficient safe access and egress to the building site plots for persons who work there and the construction site is not, so far as is reasonably practicable, being made and kept safe for persons at work there. Construction materials, tools and equipment, and waste materials are being stored in a hap-hazard fashion all around the site.
Compliance Date 29/02/2024 Revised Compliance Date 15/03/2024
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
SY23 4QZ
Region London
Local Authority Harrow
Industry Construction
Type of Location Fixed
HSE Details
HSE Area HSE Division London
Updated: 2020-03-04