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Notices served

Notice 312622671 served against Perenco UK Limited on 30/06/2022
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description During an onshore HQ inspection of Perenco UK Limited in April, May and June 2022 I identified that you are not following the procedures and arrangements in your ‘Safety Case Volume 1 PUK-SMS-SC-001’ , in particular ‘Overdue Safety Critical Work - Management Procedure PUK-SMS-RM-011’, which defines the Perenco methodology to identify and risk assess overdue SECE inspection and maintenance so that you can then ensure that any necessary mitigating measures are applied to ensure continued safe operation. The ‘end of June’ extract of your overdue repair orders (RO) supplied by Perenco during the inspection indicates that, of 424 items on your overdue list, 237 safety and safety critical items on hydrocarbon live installations were noted as beyond the “max overdue date” i.e., they had not been repaired / rectified or been further risk assessed and managed as per the requirements of your safety case, specifically for your procedure ‘Overdue Safety Critical Work - Management Procedure PUK-SMS-RM-011’. A summary of the breakdown included: ? 117 structural (1 priority 1, 86 priority 2, 24 priority 3, 6 priority 4) ? 114 Pressure Systems (94 priority 2, 15 priority 3, 5 priority 4) ? 6 Pipelines (4 priority 2, 2 priority 3) The failure to appropriately assess the risk to the health and safety of persons posed by the degraded safety / safety critical items / equipment in a timely manner means their integrity condition is unknown. The risks arising from such circumstances could lead to unanticipated integrity failures e.g. loss of containment or dropped objects.
Compliance Date 30/09/2022 Revised Compliance Date 11/11/2022
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address HQ/Perenco UK Limited
Perenco Offices
Thamesfield Way
NR31 0DW
Region East & South East
Local Authority Great Yarmouth
Industry Extractive and utility supply industries
Type of Location Fixed
HSE Details
HSE Group EDU4OFFS HSE Directorate Energy Division
HSE Area HSE Division East
Updated: 2020-03-04