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Notices served

Notice 312528143 served against PUNJAB NAANS LIMITED on 20/05/2022
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description 1xIN That as the owner of an installed pressure system, you have allowed this system to be operated before a written scheme for periodic examination has been drawn up by a competent person, for the pressure system operating above 250 bar litres of pressure attached to the business’s Ilpra thermoforming machine 2xIN You have failed to ensure that employees who are or are liable to be exposed via inhalation to flour dust, a substance hazardous to health which can cause serious occupational lung diseases, are under suitable respiratory health surveillance, where it is appropriate for the protection of their health 3xINYou have failed to ensure that thorough examination and testing of local exhaust ventilation plant has been conducted within the last 14 months, where this engineering control is provided to control exposure to flour dust (a substance hazardous to health) during the business’s baking activities 4xIN You have failed to ensure that measures are taken which are effective to prevent access to any dangerous part of machinery, in that it is possible to access an in running nip point between the end of the oven conveyor and a fixed metal place on the discharge side of the premises oven.
Compliance Date 11/07/2022 Revised Compliance Date
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address 6 Dudley Road/PUNJAB NAANS LIM
6 Dudley Road
Region London
Local Authority Ealing
Industry Manufacturing
Type of Location Fixed
HSE Details
HSE Group FODOP4GP15 HSE Directorate Field Operations Division
HSE Area HSE Division London
Updated: 2020-03-04