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Notices served

Notice 312486427 served against The Dive Bunker Limited on 05/05/2022
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description IN-10042022-ASW-01 - 05/05/2022 On 10th April 2022, you were the diving contractor in control of a dive project, you failed to ensure there were sufficient people with suitable qualifications and competence to carry out the dive safely without risks to health to those persons taking part. There was an insufficient number of in-date trained first aiders and there was no in-water rescue diver to assist the instructor. IN-10042022-ASW-02 - 05/05/2022 On 10th April 2022 you were the diving contractor in control of a diving project. You failed to ensure that suitable and sufficient plant was available to assist with the emergency recovery of a diving casualty. The flexible ladder provided on the vessel was not of a type that is designed to recover an unresponsive casualty into a vessel. The lack of a suitable recovery device can delay the prompt recovery of a casualty from the water and increase the risks to their health and safety. IN-10042022-ASW-03 - 05/05/2022 On 10th April 2022 you were the diving contractor in control of a diving project where a diving instructor at work did not possess a valid certificate of medical fitness to dive. It is the diving contractor’s responsibility to ensure that any persons taking part in a diving project comply with the statutory requirements imposed on them. An instructor without a valid medical is exposed to an increased risk to their health and safety and also poses a risk to the health and safety of others such as trainees, novices and other inexperienced divers who are under their instruction and supervision and who are not yet competent rescue divers. IN-0042022-ASW-04 - 05/05/2022: On 10th April 2022 you were the diving contractor in control of a diving project. You do not have a system in place that ensures, so far as is reasonably practicable, the diving project is planned, managed and conducted in a manner that protects the health and safety of all persons taking part in the project, in that, your diving project plan is not based on an adequate risk assessment. The risk assessment does not address the management and control of the diving project, including the management of a foreseeable emergency.
Compliance Date 05/06/2022 Revised Compliance Date 05/07/2022
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address Lammerlaws Road/The Dive Bunke
The Dive Bunker Limited
Lammerlaw Road
Region Scotland
Local Authority Fife UA
Industry Total service industries
Type of Location Inshore Diving Location
HSE Details
HSE Group EDU2DIV3 HSE Directorate Energy Division
HSE Area HSE Division Scotland
Updated: 2020-03-04