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Notices served

Notice 311836026 served against Repsol Resources UK Limited on 26/08/2021
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description During my offshore inspection of Claymore Platform between 10 – 13 August 2021 I identified that you have failed to maintain in an efficient state, in effective working order and in good repair gas lift production wells 14/19-C81 Upper Master Valve and Flow Wing Valve and 14/19-C84 Upper Master Valve. In that your ‘2020 Claymore Xmas Tree and Valve Report Form April 2020’ identifies that wells 14/19-C81 & 14/19-C84 Upper Master Valves had failed to close on demand in May 2020 during routine integrity testing. These valves also failed to close during emergency shut down testing as per Verification report: ABN-2021-RSRUK-CLA-ESD-01 April 2021. Your ‘2020 Claymore Xmas Tree and Valve Report Form April 2020’ identifies 14/19-C81 has an additional failure in the Flow Wing Valve. This failure was also recorded in June 2021 on ‘Claymore Xmas Tree and Valve Report Form June 2021’. Wells 14/19-C81 & 14/19-C84 remained available for production operations in July 2021 as identified in Claymore Well Integrity Status Summary July 2021. Upper Master Valves and Flow Wing Valves are identified in the Claymore emergency shutdown (ESD) system Cause and Effects Function Chart CPL-SYS-XCE-19111-Rev.Z19 as ESD Reactions. Emergency shutdown valves are required to function on demand within a specified time period, and fail-safe, to ensure that the hazardous reservoir inventory is isolated in the event of an emergency.
Compliance Date 30/09/2021 Revised Compliance Date
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address Claymore (14/19)/Repsol Resour
14 / 19 Claymore
SO40 2RT
Region Scotland
Local Authority Aberdeen City UA
Industry Extractive and utility supply industries
Type of Location Offshore Safety Directive Regulator
HSE Details
HSE Group EDU6S3W HSE Directorate Energy Division
HSE Area HSE Division Scotland
Updated: 2020-03-04