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Notices served

Notice 310840819 served against Stark Building Materials UK Limited on 03/08/2020
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description I J I / B HM/0308202/01 - 310840819 You have failed to ensure the health and safety of your employees and others, and you have failed to take all measures necessary to prevent major accidents, due to the potential for rupture or disintegration of your atmospheric tanks caused by overpressure, with the potential to discharge hot creosote liquid, parts of the work tank or other projected debris into an area where personnel may be located. Following a number of communications with the site and a review of the information provided I can now confirm that Improvement Notice I JI / B HM/0308202/01 has been complied with. I share with you some comments from my colleague, Joseph, who undertook the review. You appear to have taken effective measures, in line with industry guidance, to prevent the potential for rupture or disintegration of your atmospheric tanks as a result of overpressure or vacuum. A review of the documentation provided shows that you have taken reasonable steps to identify all credible causes of overpressure or vacuum in your atmospheric tanks. In some instances, the calculated relief flow rate appeared not to match the available flow rate in the vendor relief device documentation. This has been raised with you, and additional site verification may take place during future planned interventions. Following a telephone conversation with the site, it has been confirmed that the under pressure in the work tank generated by the existing extraction fan on the vent system was not taken into account in calculating the required vacuum relief area, because the design information for the fan was not available. You stated that there is a long-term project plan to replace the existing fan with one that is appropriately designed. Replacing the existing fan would improve the emission and odour control at Calders & Grandidge. The replacement extraction fan should not compromise the operation of the installed vacuum relief valves. You should confirm in writing a reasonable timeline, within the next 12-18 months, for the project to replace the existing extraction fan.
Compliance Date 10/11/2020 Revised Compliance Date
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address The Pole Yard/Stark Building M
The Pole Yard
London Road
PE21 7HJ
Region Midlands
Local Authority Boston
Industry Manufacturing
Type of Location Excavation
HSE Details
HSE Group CEMHDU3B HSE Directorate Chemical Explo & Microbio Hazards Division
HSE Area HSE Division East Midlands
Updated: 2020-03-04