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Notices served

Notice 310520981 served against Iron Designs Ltd on 19/03/2020
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description PN - access is possible to dangerous parts, namely the rotating circular saw blade of said machine (Brown 300 manually-fed pivoting-head metal-cutting circular saw) IN/1081916/SB1 - 310520921 Served. failed to take measures which were effective to prevent access to dangerous parts, namely the rotating chuck and drill bit of your Elliot 44 and Meddings pillar drills, because suitable guards were not fitted to said machines. IN/1081916/SB2 - 310520952 Served. Failure to put in place an system of inspection which is effective to ensure that work equipment, namely machinery safety features, is being maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. IN/1081916/SB3 - 310520972 Served. Failure to ensure that, where it is not reasonably practicable to prevent exposure to a Carcinogen, such as welding fume, such exposure is reduced as low as is reasonably practicable. IN/1081916/SB4 - 310520981 Served. You carry out work involving the use of equipment, such as hand-held power tools, which is liable to expose your employees to noise at or above a lower exposure action value, and you have failed make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks to the health and safety of those employees from noise in order to identify the measures which need to be taken to meet the requirements of these Regulations. IN/1081916/SB5 - 310521003 Served. You did not have a report of thorough examination and test for your Genie Superlifts , which are lifting equipment, available for inspection to show that said lifting equipment had been thoroughly examined and tested by a competent person within the preceding 12 months or in accordance with a written scheme of examination devised by a competent person.
Compliance Date 18/06/2020 Revised Compliance Date
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address Church Road, Portslade/Iron De
Iron Designs Ltd
8 Church Road
East Sussex
BN41 1LA
Region East & South East
Local Authority Brighton & Hove UA
Industry Manufacturing
Type of Location Fixed
HSE Details
HSE Group FODOP6GP24 HSE Directorate Field Operations Division
HSE Area HSE Division South East
Updated: 2020-03-04