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Notices served

Notice 309836979 served against A & R Construction (Derby) Ltd on 16/05/2019
Notice Type Improvement Notice
Description PN1. Access to floors above ground level in both properties is unsuitable in that they do not possess suitable and sufficient means for preventing a fall, they do not possess a surface which has no gap through which a person or material or object could fall and injure a person. PN2 There is no means of preventing a person falling a distance liable to cause injury or an object or material could fall onto the nearby public footpath below. IN1 There is no hot water on the site and no means of washing/cleaning were observed (ie soap/towels) and there was no suitable facilities for rest outside of the working areas. IN2 The site is very unity with a number of trip hazards in the properties and surrounding areas including uneven grounds, unprotected holes, trailing cables and pipes/hoses.
Compliance Date 05/06/2019 Revised Compliance Date
Result Complied with

Breaches involved in this Notice

Location of Offence
Address Balfour Rd//A & R Construction

Region Midlands
Local Authority Derby City UA
Industry Construction
Type of Location Fixed
HSE Details
HSE Group CDOP2GP9 HSE Directorate Construction Division
HSE Area HSE Division East Midlands
Updated: 2020-03-04