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Standard search help

How to access a standard search

The search facility can be accessed via the Homepage

Why use a standard search?

The standard search enables you to quickly find Notices using only one search item, for example a Defendant's name or Address.
This search may return a number of results matching the criteria and will mean browsing the list to locate the Notice you are interested in.

How to do a standard search

You must decide whether you want to find All NoticesImprovement Notices or Prohibition Notices

If you choose All Notices you will be presented with a list of search items (See Step 3). If you select Improvement or Prohibition notices, a set of sub-types (See below) will be presented to further refine the search, if required. The set of options provided will depend on the type of Notice selected.

you will be prompted to either enter text or select from a range of values depending on the search item selected.

Each search will produce a list of notices found using the criteria specified - the list will display data against each notice under a number of headings. The data displayed will depend on the type of notice searched for:

  • Improvement Notices - notice number, notice type, recipient name, date notice issued, compliance date, result, local authority and main activity;
  • Prohibiton Notices - notice number, notice type, recipient name, date notice issued, local authority and main activity;
  • All Notices - as Prohibition Notices
  • Note! To view an individual notice record from the list you must click on the notice number.

How to access advanced search

Select the Advanced search link from the Homepage

Updated: 2016-02-22