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Using geographical Search

When to use the geographical search

The geographical search allows you to search for Cases or Breaches using location information, where:

  • the offence took place in a specific Region
  • it was taken forward by a specific HSE Division
  • the offence took place in a specific Country
  • you know the town/city or the postcode where the offence took place

Please Note:

For prosecutions taken in Ireland, please refer to the Health & Safety Authority Ireland and the Health and Safety Executive Northern Ireland websites.

How to access the geographical search

Select the Geographical search link from the Homepage.

How to perform a geographical search

You must decide whether you want to find cases or breaches.  However, cases and related breaches are linked within the system so you can easily move between the details on either.

When you have decided on your search criteria:

  • Select All Notices, improvement Notices or Prohibition Notices
  • Click ‘Next Step’

You can then find information by Country, Town or City or by postcode.

Updated: 2016-02-22