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Why HSE prosecutes?

Our inspectors normally enforce health and safety standards by giving advice on how to comply with the law. Sometimes we must order people to make improvements and if necessary, prosecute them. Inspectors follow HSE's enforcement policy to decide on the most appropriate action to take.

HSE prosecutes companies and individuals for breaches of health and safety law. When we prosecute someone, we prepare a "Case" against them (the defendant). The case may involve one or more instances when the defendant has failed to comply with health and safety law - each one of these is called a "Breach".  This site provides information on both Cases and Breaches.

Background to HSE's prosecution system

The prosecution system replaces the public 'paper' register of convictions currently maintained and available for scrutiny at HSE's area offices . The word 'register' is taken to mean a list or number of lists.

It provides a more 'self-service' approach to HSE's prosecution information and contains greater detail than the paper register.

You will find details of all convictions in the UK, on or after 1st April 1999, which were a result of breaches of health and safety legislation.

What information can I find?

The Prosecutions System can be used to find details of:-

Breaches : details of all Breaches of HSE Acts or Regulations in the UK, that resulted in a Case being heard in Court on or after 1st April 1999.

Cases : details of all Court Cases heard in the UK, on or after 1st April 1999, which were a result of Breaches of HSE legislation.

Cases and related Breaches are linked within the system, so you can move easily between details of a particular Case and the related Breaches.

What information is not available?

The Prosecutions System will not provide information about:

What types of Search are supported?

There are four types of Search supported:-

To initiate a search of the Prosecutions System, you can use the Search links on every page or one of the four search buttons listed on the Home Page..

Updated 2012-06-08